Brand Concept ISOZAKI was found for women who are sensitive and have their own thought. ISOZAKI sells modern and stylish bags, cushions, small articles and more. They are made of KIREJI for mounting woven by various textile manufacturers like Nishijin, and various parts are added to them as an accent. Our products are perfect for modern women who are full of energy both in business and in their personal life.
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Logo Concept ISOZAKI’s logo is “isozaki”. This logo’s “i” expresses exclamation mark. Into the logo we put our policy that we always make amazing, novel and moving products.



What is KIREJI ? In general, cloth is also called KIRE in Japan. To begin with, KIRE means pieces of a thing. When we want to use cloth, we usually cut out the cloth of necessary length from a roll of cloth. So we came to call not only a piece of cloth but also cloth itself KIRE. Particularly, artistic fabrics with traditional design are called KIREJI.

A group of excellent KIREJI chosen by experts in the tea ceremony and the upper-class samurai from the Muromachi period to the beginning of Edo period is called MEIBUTSU-KIRE. Most of them are beautiful fabrics like gold brocade, damask, fabric in futsu weave, silk crepe and calico which were introduced from China, India and Southeast Asia. Today KIREJI is used for a mounting, a patched-cotton robe worn by a Buddhist priest, a pouch used in the tea ceremony, a bamboo blind and more.
There is the sense of beauty of Japan that the Japanese has forgotten in KIREJI. KIREJI makes us feel austere refinement and quiet simplicity.